Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Face of the Earth....kind of fell off it

It's Spring Break and I'm... cleaning!
I have to find my desk again. There was a book pile-up, and a costume explosion.

I'm also reading.
"Vice: New and Selected Poems" Ai
"Invisible Monsters" Chuck Palahniuk
"Asylum" Quan Barry
"Last Words" Antler
"To a Blossoming Pear Tree" James Wright
New Ohio Review Spring 2011
Ninth Letter Vol. 7 No. 2

I finished "Invisible Monsters" and loved it. I'm mostly skimming the rest.

And costume planning.

My friend Miranda is directing The Ash Girl for Athenian Berean Community Players out of Nelsonville, Ohio this November. I'm one part of a well...mostly 2-person costume department. There will be others helping with the process along the way. It's a rather elaborate project. Our inspiration: Steampunk, Gothic, Horror movie make up, Victorian and Japanese street fashion.
A little inspiration:

And being a magazine.
My creative non-fiction essay was rejected from a women's literature and arts magazine which I pretty much thought would happen because I haven't figured out how to write with my vagina yet. I've had two kids give me a break.
My friend did make it into that magazine...she owns a well-trained venus flytrap...perfect for writing with the lady parts.
Oddly enough her accepted poem was born of a joke that I made about "I'm a strong independent I'm going to write about men."
I'm editing OU-L's Station magazine Spring Quarter and had thought about sending the essay there because it is generally well-liked by most people, but now it's a battle. I feel that I need to send it somewhere else to get it past another set of editors and readers that are not my peers. So, now I'm deciding on where it will go.

memes - Death Waltz: Challenge Accepted
see more Memebase and check out our Courage Wolf lols!

And being accepted by another magazine...
One or two of my poems will be in Silhouette Magazine, which is a literary magazine published by Shawnee State. I swear I've only spelled "silhouette" correctly on the first try maybe three times in my life, but something I wrote will be in that magazine. "Lectio Divina" or "Drafts" or both...I don't know right now.

Expect me to...
Maybe post a little more on here for a while, but then I'll be slacking off on the blog again. I have three Literature classes and a Research class that start with the new quarter on Monday, then editing and costuming continues.

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