Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dream: Unconventional Ways of Getting Cancer

This dream was pretty weird, but it's short. Contains some body-related weirdness.

I dropped into this dream in a grocery store of some sort, and I knew my mission as soon as I got there. I was going to get me some cancer. (This was the sort of dream where I could only observe and not change anything, so don’t judge me.)

I lifted the edge of my shirt up about halfway and looked down. Just below my navel was a horizontal slice through my skin, and from that cut protruded a segment of PVC pipe—probably about 1/2 inch in diameter and 2 inches long. I really didn't have an opinion about having a pipe sticking out of my abdomen. But I set off to figure out how I could get cancer…because, yeah, I don’t know.

First I found a plastic bag in the produce section. I examined it very carefully and made sure it didn't have any holes in it. I stared at the bag and at the pipe in my belly. Something was missing.

So I walked around for a while. Studied the cereal aisle. Looked at the meat case. Crunched up corn flakes. Ground beef and pork. I wondered if that would work, but decided against it. I went to the dairy section. Yes. This was it.

I opened a container of whipped cream cheese and put a good-sized glob into the plastic bag. After that I squished it around until it was spread around the inside of the bag. I sized up the bag and the pipe. It was time to get cancer. I wiggled the pipe to see how secure it was and then tried to feed the plastic bag of cream cheese into the opening. I tried all sorts of ways of getting the bag in there. I tried to poke it in with my finger. I tried to stick the corner of the bag in first. It didn't work. I was left there looking at the pipe and the bag. Not sure what the fuck I was doing. Oh, and there were people in the store now. Looking. Judging.

I really don't where this dream came from, but as it was happening I was judging myself too. The weirdest part was that I experienced a pain sensation whenever I’d mess with the pipe. It was a sensation similar to playing with a still-healing body piercing.