Friday, March 30, 2012

Style Grids

Apparently Blogger felt the urge to put a little padding around my grids, and I'm not sure how to make that go away right now, and I assume it was a default that I put into the design elements. Anyway, here are some style grids with links...hopefully links that all work.
Under $25

Clad in Chrysanthemums NecklaceFramed Coin RingMarrakech Your Eye Earrings
Shimmer FlatsVelvet Burnout Maxi SkirtTrue Love Will Find You In The End T-Shirt
Black Gold Glass BanglesPoint d'espirit camiCrepuscule T-Shirt

Under $75

Vanessa Bruno BroochCorner Coffee Shop CardiganStyle Tryst Metallic Feather Earrings
Black Widow Drop EarringsTea Leaves DressVanilla Milk Top
J.R. Nites Tiered SkirtStylish Selection SkirtTime and Lace Dress

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