Monday, June 21, 2010

Slang and Dictionaries for Writing Purposes

Just a collection of links to all sorts of words--modern, historical or drug-related slang that may be useful when writing.

Online Slang Dictionary

List of Slang dictionaries

Links to Slang Dictionaries

Jazz Age Slang

Jazz Age Slang

1920 Slang

Fifties Web: Slang of the Fifties

Daddy-O! 1950's Slang

1960's Slang

UK Slang

19th Century Slang Dictionary

Everyday English Slang in Ireland

Historical Dictionary of American Slang

Regency Slang

Phrase and word origins

Drug Dictionary

Other links involving words:

Latin Mottos and Quotes

50 Famous French Quotes

Rhyme BrainThis one helped me find a word to rhyme with "cadavers"

A collection of Catholic prayers some that I distorted when writing prayers for my demonic characters. Also has prayers in Latin

Short Story, scenario, title and Character generator

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  1. good and helpful list, also i would add as a rhyming dictionary