Monday, September 6, 2010

So your character has... Body Modifications

This is a series of posts that I'm writing leading up to my presentation covering Character Development at the Scribes of Lancaster meeting on Monday the 13th of September.

So your character has...

Body Modifications

And maybe you do, but then again maybe you don't. Maybe you know the anticipation that forms in the back of the mind upon hearing the buzz of a tattoo machine, that weird medicinal smell of a tattoo studio that can either entice or horrify. Maybe you haven't experienced the thrill of a hollow needle slipping delicately through your nostril, or maybe your last piercing experience went something like mine, and you ended up feeling like your lip had been manhandled and jerked around by pliers--then again maybe you were kind of into it. I won't judge, we're all buddies here.

So how do you write about something that you may only have limited experience in? Or how do you write about something you've never experienced and have little desire to experience? Especially heavier body modifications, or plastic surgery, or even gender re-assignment surgery (I'm not going in depth on this topic right now because I'll cover it later, but it is covered in some of the links and items I have listed).

Research is key when you have not experienced something that you wish to write about. The following links will help you get started.

Points of interest-

BMEzine BME features an interesting collecton of member-written experience stories and member-submitted image galleries. Here you can easily learn about

Taboo on National Geographic This series covers various taboo subject matters and often includes rituals, rights of passage and other body modification topics. I don't have cable, so I don't know how often it is actually on tv, but it is definitely a good resource.

Wasp Creations: FAQ The FAQ list from Wasp Creations corsets. It may be tough to imagine that people still wear corsets and strive to reduce their waist in this manner, but some do. It can modify the shape of the body as well, so I have included this.

The Customized Body One of my favorite books on body modification, probably because of the interesting stories and pretty pictures.

Modify This movie features an interesting selection of modifications, procedures and interviews with professionals and enthusiasts. Includes piercing, tattoo, scarification, branding, implants, body building, permanent makeup, plastic surgery and gender reassignment.

Only Flesh This is the only suspension group that I have watched personally on several occasions, but I know there are others out there.

The Lizardman Including this link because The Lizardman is great. Do I need a better reason?

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