Friday, October 22, 2010


I went to a park last weekend, so here are some interesting ducks. They don't really fit into anything that I'm working on. They're just ducks.
They all thought we had food for them, but we did not.
I am the duck deceiver.
That one didn't even know that I took it's picture, because I'm sneaky like that. Maybe it was just bird ignorant.

This is one picture I'm using for the High Contrast of my portrait mid-term. The color was a little screwed up because the camera was set to "Vivid" and apparently "vivid" means lots of green and yellow to my little camera. So I went in to photoshop and played with the color balance and contrast a little.

And these are not ducks at all, but will be filling in the role of Self-Portrait and Texture on my portrait midterm. So, there you go.

I'll go back to my work now,

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