Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It was a writing prompt, now it's a blog post. And some music

At the Scribes of Lancaster meeting the other day we were asked to write a piece inspired by song lyrics. As I had once again been listening to Jeffree Star I declared my piece "too dirty" and promised to post it here. I added a tiny bit to it, as well. Oh, that picture is just something I saw in Athens under a bridge.

Lollipop Luxury is the name of this song. It really doesn't mean much to me. What makes a lollipop luxurious? Or is that being kind of dirty? The song is pretty filthy actually, and could raise a few... questions. For example: Are celebrities promiscuous by nature? Does the old standard hold true, that everyone who is famous sucked --fill in the blank-- to get where they are? I doubt it, but that's exactly where it goes.
Wouldn't it be easy, wouldn't we all be easy?
To be confident in our abilities, and to write such a cheeky song. Lipgloss and lollipops, superstars and counting on being a celebrity before we're even famous. Does the lipgloss really make a difference? "Lipstick on a pig" was the catchphrase a couple years ago at election time. Still, icing on a cupcake may improve things if you're into that sort of thing, but dressing up a dry cake with more sugar can't hide the fact that it was bad in the first place. Not all that pleasant when you think about it. Call it gourmet, go ahead. Maybe someone will believe you.
Lipstick or not, still a pig.
Lipgloss or not, still sucking on your favorite euphemism.
Not all that sweet, is it? Unless you're into that sort of thing.

And now I will prove that I listen to music other than Jeffree Star...
hmm, I think I need to make a Halloween playlist

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