Thursday, December 30, 2010

60 Posts, 800 Hits, 1 Punch to the Kidney and a Sprinkling of Cannibalism

Those are that stats as claimed...although I think one post may have never been made public, but I am not about to check on that.
I made the mistake of speaking about my kidney being well-behaved and so it struck me down for a couple days. As of tonight though, it appears I have bested my warring innards, and that foul stone-throwing and infection-loving organ has escaped making it's way into some cannibal's steak and kidney pie for the time being. Some days I long for a Tijuana hotel room and an ice wake up with that stupid bastard gone and the complete joke falling upon the poor sap who happens to purchase my faulty kidney on the black market.

Yes, yes, I know...urban legends or wishful thinking.
Other than the kidney issue I had a rather good Christmas/Yule/Whatever winter holiday I celebrate and I did make my way to church on Christmas Eve without catching on fire. I could have gone without the family member's car accident on Christmas Day though.

I've been on a mad reading, writing and editing binge for a while, and was far too amused today that my random playlist brought me “Shut Up and Swallow” by Combichrist, “Spit It Out” by Aesthetic Perfection and “Bleed and Smile” by Hate Dept all in a row as I read Chapter 9 of “Exquisite Corpse” by Poppy Z Brite. I finished that book today.
I used to watch surgery or emergency room documentaries while I ate dinner, a feat that grossed out some friends, but brought others in to meet my challenge...and now I kind of feel like I couldn't watch my beloved head wounds and hands caught in the grinder type shows while eating because I kind of feel like I'll always wonder what they taste like after reading that book.
Pretty sure that's an odd response, especially from someone who has refused to eat tripe, liver, kidney, chittlins, brain, heart, tongue and giblets that I've been offered from the normal creatures featured on the non-Hannibal Lecter food pyramid. In general I don't like how entrails look.
Fava beans also creep me out.
I'm good with Chianti, though...

I think I'm quite done with the cannibal jokes for now... oh, and the Llamas with Hats video kept inappropriately popping into my head while reading "Exquisite Corpse," although if a llama eats people it's not cannibalism, but it is pretty weird.

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