Friday, December 17, 2010

Poem: Fade to Dark

I've been bad about posting and probably will be a bit absent until after New Years. There has been a lot of things to keep me busy recently including this morning's mystery of the errant panic alarm on my car (it has gone off three times today for no apparent reason--the first one at 6:30am, so the neighbors probably hate me).
Time for some high school poetry. I hope it isn't that horrible or painful. This one was written in 10th grade for an assignment. I don't know the grade that I received because I only have the rough draft.

Fade to Dark
J. Lannan

Fade to dark
silence for mere moments
low rumble before me
feet upon the mud
sword in my hand
see the danger in the eyes
glowing orbs within the skull
spin away at a run
the eyes follow
speeding across the earth
running beyond the shimmer of death
growling at my heels
jump forward to grasp the vines
drop down
circle of demons
the blade driven forward
clearing a path
demons to dust
Fade to dark

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