Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Intervention, no it's not for me...

It's an odd feeling watching old episodes of "Intervention" while taking vicodin. I've been dealing with a tooth problem for a while, but it seems the swelling around it has gone down and I'm not taking pain meds to help me sleep through it tonight because it's not too bad. I'm not sleeping right now, but that's unrelated to pain...that's regular my insomnia.
I'm always kind of grossed out by watching the people on this show crush pills and snort them. These things were not meant to be snorted. I'm probably more grossed out by the parents in some of these episodes because they treated their kids like shit and wonder why they're seeking comfort, love and acceptance from drug use. Then, there's the enablers--they're annoying too.

Currently I could use a procrastination intervention, but the main problem with me accomplishing much of anything stems from my laptop's issues. I do have my files transferred to my portable hard drive, so I at least have that taken care of even if the battery and/or power management systems and everything else have other issues--which would be lots of issues. I'm also having problems with writing bios and cover letters again, but I'll work on that this week. There's plenty going on in my life, but I need to work on these things when I have the time. There's also the issue of the printer which is making things difficult just because I like to print pages off to edit them. So, there's no working printer here and we had an extended warranty which means that we're waiting for a refund to arrive so we can buy a different printer. Epson Workforce was an ok printer for a while.

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