Friday, September 2, 2011

What's going on...

Since I last posted "The Ash Girl" play has been cast. It was a great experience to be included in that process, and now the rest of the work begins. I've been working on my concept for the Pridefly coat, but we're not doing a costume meeting until this weekend, so I don't have measurements to work with yet. I've also been collecting pieces for The Fairy in the Mirror, so I should probably start looking at how they go together.

I took the Revised GRE a couple weeks ago, and my scores were pretty good. The next part of the grad school application process can go forward. I'll be working on my CV today, it's going to be awesome--okay, maybe not awesome, but I'm at least going to put it together.

Currently I'm working on something for this writing contest...78 words is not a lot.

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