Friday, October 21, 2011

Dark Cabaret Show, Car Trouble and the Ever-Exciting Costume Progress

Made a spur of the moment concert decision yesterday that almost didn't happen. I did however end up seeing Voltaire's Black Unicorn Cabaret and This Way to the Egress in Columbus last night despite my car breaking down in the Krogers parking lot again. Melanie had already agreed to drive. We missed Hellblinki Sextet, but I'm just glad I didn't spend the whole night waiting for a tow truck.

At the show I was really looking forward to hearing the title track from Voltaire's newest album--which is titled "Riding a Black Unicorn down the Side of an Erupting Volcano while Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children"...yes

And the Twilight Version of "Vampire Club."

Here's the updated to-do list..also, along the way I finished writing my C.V., edited some work, and read Poppy Z. Brite's "Drawing Blood"...and I did more laundry.

The Sewing/Crafting List (bolded items are finished)

Black Bodice-
Remove extra fabric layer and finish edge

Floral Blouse-
remove buttons
figure out and sew the velcro to replace buttons for quick changes

Figure out stencil--thinking some central thing on the back with negative space stars, green and gold paint
Spray paint the stencil onto jacket

Rip out seams on other side

Sew the first green shimmer insert
Insert green shimmer fabric on other side
Sew that side
Figure out how I will close up the two layers of lining
Collar(still determining how to add contrast fabric)

Fairy in the Mirror--
Coral-colored Slip-
Repair torn lace

Princess Zehra--
Find brown underscarf
Plan Tiara
Purchase bling
Bling it

Pink Abaya-
Hem it

Design top (ivory, belted tunic to show off bling on the dress)

Drape or pattern the top
Sew it

Needs a snap on the waistband
Trim the fraying on the bottom edge

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