Monday, November 7, 2011

Magazines That I Didn't Subscribe To...

But Get Anyway.

They're being sent to my mother's house and I have no idea why, or how exactly (yeah, I know they mysteriously show up in the mailbox...spooky). The magazines in question are Us Weekly and Women's Health. I will further discuss one of them now.

Us Weekly-
This magazine would possibly be good used as toilet paper if the pages were not already covered in shit upon their arrival. The layout is distracting and I don't know who most of these people are, or why I should care about them. I especially like the "Stars--they're just like us!" photo section...I have the sudden urge to stalk my friends as they do normal things--although, I think I've secretly (or not so secretly) always wanted to do this. And if you've read some of my poems you might be sufficiently creeped out depending on who you are and where I've seen you.
My favorite part of this issue was Nicki Minaj's breasts trying to escape from the outfit that was made fun of under the "Fashion Police" heading. I only know her from this song...

More recently she has a song entitled "Super Bass," but I haven't heard it.

Something else-- I think Kim Kardashian would have trouble taking Dubai without earning some sort of jail sentence... remember last year's case involving the kissing British couple? I wonder what kind of trouble a sex tape would bring.

Anyway, The Ash Girl play is done, and it was a fun experience. The actors were all quite good and everything came together nicely on stage. I'll have some pictures and some other comments posted about that when I get around to it this week. I'm doing NaNoWriMo, but haven't typed everything up so I don't know my exact word count right now. The other day it was about 5600.
My Powerbook G4 finally died. It has come back from the dead a couple times already, but I think this was the big one.

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