Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

I missed posting on Halloween, but then again I've barely seen my computer in a couple days due to sewing and being at the theater. Yesterday was more sewing than expected followed by a nice dinner and cheap rum in the evening because I was annoyed at not attending any Halloween-related events other than Trick or Treat night. Halloween has become so commercialized, lazy and clean ("Modern Vampire" wigs, really?). Old fashioned costumes were just weird though...

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On Trick or Treat night last week (yeah, our city has a thing for the Thursday before Halloween) I dressed up like a vampire. That costume was comprised of clothing I would normally wear (purple shirt, black pants, black velvet jacket), but I just added my molded fangs. I hadn't worn those too often and had to figure out what words I could say without a fang lisp. Anyway, when I handed out candy some kids would catch a glimpse of the fangs, and I could watch the thought process as they tried to decide if I was in costume or not. I really enjoy the subtle distortion of reality where things are not exactly right, but they're not completely wrong either... they're just a curiosity.
At the house next door one of the guys was wearing a weird mask that I didn't get a good look at. He also had chains around his neck and was acting generally like a hell hound. As people approached he would snarl and spring towards them. In between jumping and barking at people he'd hide out at the side of their house. The act made a couple kids cry--which usually means that you're doing a good job. Good show.
Apparently on the next street over there were cardboard tombstones set up and one said "Metallica d. 1989." A picture of that display made the local newspaper's webpage. We were pretty lazy about decorating our house this year, but maybe next year will be better.

Anyway NaNoWriMo starts today, and I have press night for "The Ash Girl" tonight.

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