Sunday, November 28, 2010

NYC, weekend of 10-10-10 pictures

Got Fallout: New Vegas finally and fell off the face of the Earth for a couple days. May have played over 7 hours overnight (slept from 7:30am to 10:30am, thanks insomnia). Where is Simon (the Anthropologist that I met outside of Penn Station) to tally all this up and make me feel awkward about my gaming?
Anyway here are my pictures of NYC. I was there for the weekend of 10-10-10, NYCC/NYAF (as previously posted, but re-posted in this set), the X Japan Concert and all the other things that came with the city...including the opportunity to purchase an entirely different kind of X in front of a McDonald's at 5am in Times Square if I had so desired.
No, I didn't take any pictures of the dealers, there were about five of them though. X, heroin, cocaine, weed? A man calling himself the Big Bad Wolf was in that McDonalds too. The on-going joke is that I could have sold poor Cheryl to the Big Bad Wolf if I had felt ambitious.
We did spend the night of 10-9-10 wandering Times Square and the surrounding areas without a hotel for the evening. It was a fantastic place of McDonald's, pubs that were open until 4am, the bag men who sold counterfeit handbags from tarps and more than a few tourists with big yellow death wishes. They were more than willing to tempt fate by standing in the road blocking the path of so many taxis for that perfect picture of sparkly capitalist utopia. Seriously, it was like flies to a bug zapper, or teenage girls to a Twilight vampire.
I did take a couple pictures of Times Square because it was oh so shiny, but did not stand on those elevated platforms to do so, and most certainly did not stand in the middle of the road.

First we have a rather dazed mirror picture of myself before leaving the hotel in NJ. (We stayed at The Madison in Morristown, NJ--It was quite nice, got a really good deal on for that night, and I highly recommend it, even though there was a Bachelor party going on across the hall that reeked of weed.) This is even before the night without sleep...

Now for everything else.

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