Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Poem: May I have of you this favor?

This is a poem I wrote as part of a contest for an online writing group. We were to write a piece based on a picture we were given, and my picture was of a knight and a lady in the woods. She had a blue scarf wrapped around his neck like he was trapped by it and her gaze. Pretty sure the gaze would have held him there. Anyway, the scarf itself reminded me of this blue Armani scarf I had just bought that same day. I didn't feel compelled to write about my scarf, though. I think it's interesting to post this without the picture to see how it stands on its own, but it was inspired by a picture...

May I have of you this favor?

To the woods, to slip away with me
Caught up in shivering silk and a gaze
The hint of perfume, traced pleasures and intermingled sweat
From yearning, starlit blue and piercing steel
Daggers as Shakespeare hinted at
Chivalry sanctioned arousals between courtesy and a kiss
Of an arms-length love in hearts that cannot say forever
Because love was made evanescent
Like filtered sun through the leaves
Or a breeze dispelling swelter upon those things laid bare
By taking a chance encounter in the woods

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