Monday, February 20, 2012

This week is probably going to be kind of busy

I need to do my weekly writing prompts for Scribes of Lancaster.
Do the facebook events postings for Scribes.
Write one review, since I finished reading a book
And start reading that novel I'm supposed to have reviewed by the end of the month.
Format and send out one group of poetry submissions.
Work on a story combining Aztec traditions with modern politics.
Do the world-building for my feminist science-fiction piece.
Start thinking about Columbus Creative Co-op's Flash Fiction Championship.
I also wanted to work on the novels that I've been working on forever, and re-do a story titled "The Cheeto Oracle."
And I have a ton of laundry to do because I was sick/and or playing Skyrim last week, and went out this past weekend--but slept most of the day Sunday even though I felt better.
I hope to get most of this stuff done today...I hope.
And I also had this cool idea for a photography project...
maybe I should just stick to the original list.

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