Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updated List of Slang Dictionaries and Other Useful Items

The Drunktionary  Lots of terms referring to inebriation and what goes along with it. Even has historical terms.

Sex in the Romance An impressive list of flowery euphemisms that I find rather silly, but enjoy reading anyway.

Victorian Sex Slang

Lower Class Victorian Slang

Victorian Sayings

Latin Mottos and Sayings

Online Slang Dictionary

Some links to slang dictionaries

Jazz Age Slang

The Mooky Guide to Jazz Age Slang

1920's Slang

Slang: A Hepcat's Guide From Fifties Web

Daddy-O! Fifties Slang

1960's Slang

UK Slang

Everyday English Slang in Ireland

Historical Dictionary of American Slang

Drug Slang

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