Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Epic Birthday Weekend Part Two: It was only Saturday. Lame!

Saturday was pretty boring, but we got a new used sofa and declared the living room to be decadent because we have two sofas. We’re not quite like Hedonism Bot yet. There was too much activity on this day as well--did some yard work and started the project that involves ripping out the rest of the horrible carpeting in this house and replacing it with hardwood flooring of some type. The former owners of this place must’ve known how much I enjoy pulling staples out of wooden floors with pliers because their preferred method of installing carpet was the staple gun. They stapled the carpet padding to the floor, and then sometimes stapled through the carpet and into the floor. Such a wonderful use of my time.
Sunday is the more interesting day, but I still have editing to do on the pictures.
I will tell you though that “The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds of Reverend Horton Heat” CD has been replaced by Wolfgang Parker’s “Room Nineteen" as our travel music, so I suggest you go check him out again.

I’ll have some Midi Ghetto tour stuff online later today.

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