Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Writing and Flooring Binge

My concert pictures are online, and have been for a little while, but they're on my facebook so you have to add me to see them currently. I'm not really thrilled with PhotoBucket right now, and don't have enough space on my free Flikr account for this month.
I've been here and there, but not at all here. My novel project has been distracting me, and when that's not happening I have been helping James finish some floors. Yesterday we did some snap-together laminate planks in our office, exciting, right? We're also ripping out the nasty carpeting upstairs and finishing the original wooden floors on that level. After seeing documents in relation to the house I think we decided that the carpets are possibly 13 years old and left over from the last big remodel someone did, because the carpet tack strips are installed pretty far back and under the trim, and sometimes they're under the drywall. Craftsmanship fail.

Thanks to this pirate quiz I found out that my pirate name is Captain Jenny Cash, it made me think of this...

I'll finish up adding the pictures to Part Three of my birthday weekend post later today, hopefully the flooring-related activities will be kept to a minimum.

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