Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well, that went nothing like I had planned

Not long after my last post James was dropped off at the house by a co-worker and informed me that my car was no more. We went out car shopping the same day. The first two cars that we were shown were sold already and were rather boring to look at. Sure, I could drive them, but I was hoping to be a little more excited about the purchase. The one I actually liked I thought would be already sold, or would be too pricey even though we were looking in the bargain bin of the car dealership. As it turned out the car was right in our price range, has rather low miles along with A/C, a killer sound system and nice rims. Now instead of a green Prism I have a blue Pontiac Sunfire. Yesterday I had a little new toy induced ADD and wanted to just drive around. I also bought the True Blood Season 2 DVD, so that was distracting as well.
Today, I will finish the previously mentioned putting my images into my concert review...I kind of want to hit my head on the desk right now because the past week or so has just been ridiculously stupid. I was worried about how the fuck I'd buy a car, or how much money I could throw at the Prism, or where will I be when the Prism decides to die and what the hell will I do with it once it dies. Still trying to figure that last one out, but we were able to come up with a substantial down payment to finance the Sunfire...

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