Friday, February 18, 2011

Just an update...with various readings

I would say, "Well, I didn't do much this week," but I kind of did. Mostly bogged down in reading and trying to write a few things. I find it funny that the week I feel kind of drained by reading is the same week that we're covering the same novel ("To the Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf) in both English Literature classes that I'm taking this quarter.
On Monday I read two poems at the poetry open mic that featured Dr. Neil Carpathios at Ohio University Lancaster (Just a little info about him at the link). It went well, but someone from OUL was taking pictures and I was not feeling all that photogenic, but that's how it goes. I will also fail to mention the part of the evening that annoyed me the most, but do you believe in open mic trolls?

memes - Friend writes an auto-biography. Read it.
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Tonight (Friday), I'll be heading out to Ohio University's main campus in Athens to check out a reading. Not sure what my game plan is after that, but will be hanging out there for a little while.

I don't think I'll be able to make it up to Columbus for this reading, but my friend Sarah Hans will be doing a fiction reading at this event on Saturday evening at Also Goods. Joel Weston will be reading from his book "Tabula Rasa." FB page

I was told to write something silly this week to keep my mind busy and all I came up with were things that probably need cartoons with them... like the Angry Poetry Drill Sergent. I'll leave you wondering on that one.
He mostly yells about end rhymes and metaphors...a lot.

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  1. I feel like such a bad person, because I can't tolerate reading anything longer than a few pages.

    Even just thinking about reading a full book makes me feel like taking a nap.