Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love Poetry for the Repugnant: Dear PowerBook G4

This is an unplanned letter to something I already have a relationship with.

Dear PowerBook G4,

Why is today the day that the keyboard goes all wavy?
Without the case even distorting back to it's former poor position.
All in the course of the same old traveling from the library to the car.
I feel like I'm typing on the seven seas and I need Dramamine.
You've let me down and perhaps this will be the last time--
oh, but I'm still using you right now and you hold hostage all my files in your innards because I haven't backed them up yet.
Maybe if I type with enough animosity my fingers will flatten you out.
You know that I have a midterm to type tomorrow.

I have no kind words for you,

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