Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Personal Hatred of Writing Biographical Paragraphs

You can probably tell that I have a paper to write and various things that need to go out in the mail(or e-mail) soon...which is why I'm writing on this blog. I find this is the most efficient way to procrastinate.
Up there with writing papers in a timely manner, and somewhere next door to resume writing, I've discovered another thing that I dislike, and that would be writing biographical paragraphs. I apparently need one for a poetry contest that I'm entering and I don't like writing about myself. Of course I do like writing about myself, but I don't find bios all that thrilling. I also wonder how creative I can be with this endeavor and what is too trivial to include. On my bio for last.fm I always update it to describe whatever I'm wearing on any given day that I log on--which I did tonight.
After a while I developed approaches to at least writing bios for online profiles, but so far professional-sounding bios don't work for me. My brain is immediately bored, it starts sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher lives somewhere in my skull, as soon as I approach the task. So I decided to write up a kind of ridiculous bio to get my brain in gear to write a slightly more serious one when I feel like torturing myself tomorrow evening.

Jennifer Lannan attends this one school where she is earning another degree that will hopefully amount to something more than just delaying the inevitable paying of the college loans. She spends way too much time at thrift stores trying to find the ugliest suit coats that she'll never buy, and living in a delusional state where the weather is always warmish, but kind of rainy, and everyone is friendly with just the right amount of spite....it's a very witty spite, so it's a bit more tolerable and easier to laugh at.

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  1. I think that's fabulous. My biographies are all made-up and silly, so you're not alone--I always include details about how I live on an airship and worship Cthulhu in my spare time. Don't forget to include a link to your blog, of course! With a bio like that people are bound to want to know more about you...