Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Now for something completely different...

Basically since early January I've been tormented by back to back injuries and illnesses that would give me a couple days off and then launch into something completely different. I think the order was shoulder injury, muscle spasm in my neck, flu, sore throat, one day of laryngitis, bronchitis, sinus infection, pinched nerve in my neck again... I went through at least 100 cough drops, one bottle of ibuprofen, all of my flexeril, a fair amount of pseudoephedrine, and many shot glasses of NyQuil--it's more fun to take medicine that way.
I have been better the past week, but getting everything in order for writing and editing projects. I'm finding time to blog again, though.

The house is set up enough that I'll be posting some pictures of it next week.

And I'm going to start posting some of my thrifting and antiquing finds since that's all I've found to do out here in the middle of near nowhere. I'm usually looking for medical stuff, weird greeting cards, old photos and snazzy clothing, so it will probably be interesting.
 That starts tomorrow.

And I'll probably have some flash fiction to post later today or tomorrow.

Here, have some music:

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