Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thrifting Thursday: Old Photos (around 1910's)

Here is a set of pictures that I bought at a local antique store. I believe that I paid $6 for the whole lot. In general I think of older photographs as being a life contained in one image. We live in a world of camera phones and instagram. Everything is instant and digital. It's tough to imagine a time when people may have only been photographed a few times in their life, or not at all. Right now I could take a picture of myself with the webcam on my laptop...I could even take a picture of myself with the webcam while taking a picture of myself with my cell phone as well.

Anyway, here are the pictures:
What I found interesting about these two pictures was the differences between their suits and how each young man is posed. Same pose and everything, but the guy on the left has a poorly-fitting suit and his stance is more relaxed. The guy on the right was possibly named John, that's what is written on the back, but there's a question mark next to it and I can't read the last name.

I really liked the image of this girl because she's outside, and it has her name written on the back.

Baby pictures. The one on the left has a name and birth date written on the stand, but it also has the date of his death. Don't worry, he lived to be 82, attended college in the 30's and was a successful businessman--I found his obituary online. His picture is also the only one set into a frame, while the others are just glued onto the mounting board.

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