Sunday, April 11, 2010

Faderhead love and the Victorian Fetish Party at Outland, other stuff

This is what I did a couple Saturday nights ago... but it all started in the morning when I saw faderhead was on the Vampire Freaks Industrial board. I thought, what the fuck I'll send him a note and express my love for his music and how we're trying to get more of his songs to play at Outland (they do a pretty good job already though). So I hit send, and he hit me back with a reply quite promptly (I was impressed because I had been waiting on an e-mail with some concert info from someone else and that took a couple days). Very nice guy. He suggested a couple songs I could request, so I intended to do so at the fetish party. I did not see the request sheet out and the night moved pretty fast, so requesting songs got lost in the shuffle of drinking, dancing, smoking and seeing the human pony show.
So we have Zigzag Machinery

And this was apparently packing the dance floor wherever Faderhead was at that time--

Here is my entertaining twitter exchange from that night:

faderhead: Making me very happy: Limp Bizkit "Rollin'" is eliciting the most energetic crowd response at this goth/ebm/darkelectro night! Awesome! :))

jLannan @faderhead awesome. We get DJs at Outland to play "Baby Got Back" ... some people got really pissy about it though

faderhead: @jLannan Fuck them!!!!! :)

So, with that tweet Faderhead became one of the coolest people that I've never met in person.

It seems like some of the most entertaining moments happen on the smoking patio and tonight was no different. We hung out under the tower, which I said was "romantic" and Gary declared as "phallic." Classy.
Amanda informed us that Nicolle is her mother's hero because she fixed Amanda's vacuum cleaner, and they're just like family. aww....
Nicolle made a comment about Facebook and Farmville, which none of us actually play. I got to talk about some guy that I have an awkwardness with that I gave my facebook info and he asked if I played farmville. I felt that he wouldn't add me because I think he's still with his wife who he was "thinking about separating from" when we worked together.
Then Amanda celebrated that Gary and James are the only two of her friends that she believes will never fuck each other. Hurray for them, but that raises plenty of other questions. All of them naughty.
The guy sitting alone at the round table appreciated our banter.
I have some pictures from that night, but a brief over view of the shows--

Glamazon Bunny was there, being a big, tall, toned lady.

Trigger the human pony frightened me because he wore old man socks and sensible shoes. It made me wonder if all old men are secretly human ponies in their free time.

Sinstress Maya fucked a blow=up doll with a strap on. That was fun.

She later did a show involving a fan dance and some oil. Good times. I was in the front row, but she had some other lady rub the oil on her breasts... good to watch, but it could've gone better for me. ha ha ha

Domina Snow did a show, but the evening was blurring together for me at that time. I remember belly dancing and lesbianism, faux humping on stage.

I danced on stage with Amanda and Nicolle. It was generally a good evening.

This is just a quick overview because I've been MIA recently. Busy, busy...or lazy, lazy. Either way I've been doing my writing projects, being bummed out about Peter Steele's death, BBQing with friends (we listened to Type O Negative while BBQing this past weekend), and doing street team stuff for Deadstar Assembly and will be heading to Cleveland tomorrow...later today? for the show.
I have some comments on music promoting that I'll probably post in the morning, but for now, it is nap time.

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