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4/20 Deadstar Assembly and Filament 38 Show. Part 3: Watching Deadstar Assembly, then driving home

Here is the story of the April 20th, 2010 Deadstar Assembly and Filament 38 Show (or “How I got to Cleveland and how I returned home. Oh, and I saw some bands there too, and some girls with metal underpants.”) This was getting to be too massive, so I'll be writing this in a series of three posts. Part 1, Part 2

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Part 3: Watching Deadstar Assembly, then driving home

I talked to Ash from F38 for a little while between the sets. We mostly talked about the Apop show in Columbus, which was epic.

When Deadstar Assembly started their set I was quite happy to get close to the stage. I was right in front of Mubo, but I've seen their videos and knew that I didn't want to stand that close because he rocks the front keyboard forward and back as he plays. So I tried to keep some distance to avoid being right up against the stage. They did end up moving the keyboard further back.
What I liked about this show was that they sounded at about CD quality, but the energy was really good. They move around a lot, it looked like it would be a pretty exhausting pace. The crowd response was okay, but not all that wild, it that may have something to do with it being a Tuesday night show. I thought that they deserved a louder crowd, but I'm only one person and I can yell, but couldn't yell for everyone. It was generally a fun show though. Really loud, I felt that I was sufficiently deafened afterward.
As previously mentioned I did not have my usual group with me to help remember the set list, but that's okay. Maybe, at the next show I go to, I should take clips of each song in order to help me remember these things. In addition to what I captured on video I remember them playing "Breathe for Me." Anyway, here are some seriously short videos from the DSA show. After blowing through my memory cards at recent concerts I was paranoid of taking too much video at this show and then ended up with very little video. I should solve that problem and get a bigger memory card or carry more of them with me. Next time, I will.



The Darkest Star

Send Me an Angel

So those are the four songs that I can put into some kind of order, but not a very good order because there were likely songs before, after or between them. I just bought the Coat of Arms CD that night, but had heard the previews online. I must say that I really like "F.Y.G" and "The Darkest Star."

Here are a couple of my still pictures.



Not wanting to drive home right away, we decided to stick around for a while and see what Project X and Infusion was all about. We got to talk with Dearborn and Dro from Deadstar Assembly for a little bit, they both seem like generally awesome people. Also got some pictures, these were all taken with Melanie's camera. I look like I'm still somewhat freaking out from the caffeine in the pictures, but that's still pretty accurate. Apparently alcohol doesn't trump caffeine.



Melanie's pictures


A couple guys approached us to chat, and we did talk for a bit, but they ran off after I mentioned my husband. Whatever. We watched Project X and Infusion, which was mostly girls in metal-plated underwear getting various power tools, I believe grinders of some sort, put against the metal plates which caused arcs of sparks to fly across the stage. They did this to the beat of some Industrial music. It looked cool enough, but I only paid attention for a couple songs because it was kind of the same thing for those two songs.
I decided that we'd probably be leaving soon and became bored with my beer. So I handed it off to Melanie, she proclaimed it "magic beer" as her plastic cup was instantly refilled most of the way. It was a miracle...or something.
We wandered outside and tried to take some pictures of us outside by the street corner.

After grabbing some food at Steak 'n Shake, where the lady working there reminded us to take some coffee to go, we set up the GPS and were informed that it would be at least 4:44 before we arrived back, damn you technology...


We stopped twice along the way so I wouldn't fall asleep, and actually arrived back around 5:20am. I dropped Melanie off at her place and went home. Walking back from my garage my keyring fell apart and dropped my car key into the yard somewhere. Too tired to care I left it to find at a time when I could actually see it, which I did the next day.

I'll end this with some further info on Deadstar Assembly. I found out about them while looking for covers of "Send Me an Angel" a number of years ago (actually thinking back it was probably sometime in 2004), and when I started actually using my Facebook account earlier this year I became a "fan" on there and signed up to do street team promotions for them in central Ohio.
Over the years Deadstar Assembly have had some line-up changes, but currently the band is made up of Dearborn, Dro, Mubo, Chris D.K. and Dreggs. DSA originated in Florida and have three albums out, which can be purchased on their web page or through (I have that link set up for the "Coat of Arms" CD) and their newest CD can be purchased at some Hot Topic stores (and on the Hot Topic webpage.
Here are some links to their various social networking profiles: Facebook, VampireFreaks, Twitter and Myspace

And this concert write-up is concluded...
I will be writing in the meantime (actually working on a short story about a murderous organic farmer), but will be seeing Voltaire with a solo performance by Wolfgang Parker at Outland on Liberty in Columbus on Friday night, so expect another write-up soon. I'm really trying to work on my turnaround time, but this week was kind of beyond my control. I'll be reviewing my recent CD purchases sometime next week as well, which would be, of course, Deadstar Assembly's "Coat of Arms" and Filament 38's "Frail," along with Caustic's "And You Will Know Me By The Trail of Vomit."

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