Thursday, April 22, 2010

Music promotion, yeah it's kind of like that

I've been working on my little (and not that entertaining) writing project, and recovering from my Cleveland journey. Sorry, for the delays.
In my process of handing out fliers in the Central Ohio area for Deadstar Assembly I mostly just found places to post them where I thought the cool kids would see them. I also enjoyed putting fliers over religious pamphlets when I found those while out, someone moved one that I put over a pamphlet stashed by the pay phone at a grocery store, so I put another one down. Amusing, especially with the whole "F.Y.G." song on their Coat of Arms album.
I handed some directly to people as well, and one kid--I would guess he was about 14 or 15-- said that he had heard of Deadstar Assembly and that he had actually paid money for a couple of their songs. Maybe there is some hope for the youth.
I will also be telling everyone about the Midi Ghetto Tour featuring 16 Volt, Chemlab and Left Spine Down which will be coming through Cleveland at Peabody's. Oddly enough when I stopped at a gas station on the way to the DSA show I talked music festivals with some truck drivers and the trouble international musicians have in getting to play in the USA. I got to tell them about Kinetik Festival--and how I can't pull off driving 24 hours total for the May 16th shows. Have to justify the driving time by how long I'd be spending at the location...or at least close to that.

I'll be back sometime over night to post my DSA and F38 pictures and write-ups.

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