Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Motivation and Endings, (5)

Dear Motivation and Endings,

Motivation, I haven't seen you in a while, but I'm still writing on the novel project. It is going well enough and I hope to seal the 50,000 word mark later today. I hope to finish my pirate shirt sometime this weekend, but will be playing Xbox tonight and eating pizza. Tomorrow, I will likely be drinking myself into a haze of entertainment with my friend Amanda and whoever else that doesn't feel like wearing pants. I have added a Wild West-style coat onto my sewing list. That project needs to be finished before the 22nd because the 2nd wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a gift of cotton and, with me being all about traditional things, James is getting a black twill frock coat.
Today, I removed some ridiculous shoulder pads (a la Dynasty) from a black velvet jacket and decided that the only people who wear this crap are old ladies and Goths, but Goths don't want to have strong shoulder lines because it makes it more difficult to look sullen. Upon further reflection perhaps shoulder pads actually make me feel more Goth because they make me want to die a little inside. I was going to edit this picture of the cast from Dynasty to put some heavy black eyeliner on there, but the big hair, tans and shoulder pads were making me irrationally angry.

Curse the 80's, except for some of the music. A Flock of Seagulls anyone?

All tomfoolery aside, how are the endings doing? I can't seem to find one for that short story that I started yesterday, but I have brought home too many of them for the novel. They just keep finding me. I wish I could make a final decision on the novel, and then find one for the short story, but I'm currently still trying to figure out how to link a taxi cab and bruised ribs. Perhaps there was an accident? Currently, I was thinking he was hit by a taxi cab, but then how did he get back to the apartment on his own? I also thought of taking one of my alternative endings for the novel and using that for the short story, but that wouldn't make much sense.

Perhaps I will take the weekend off from thinking,
or maybe I will write again.

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