Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Kidnapping (2)

It was a short matter of research, a few phone calls and a single transaction. They had all the information that they needed. Two girls, a car, and a plan to rescue a friend from their fallacy of a relationship, and it all had to go down tonight.
“I can’t say that I know what is right for everyone, but this is definitely wrong.”
The second girl lit a cigarette, “I wish someone had been so considerate to save me from my first marriage because that was about as stupid a decision as this one.”
It had been a long enough time, passively watching their friends crash and burn into the depths of depression from poor relationship decisions. Hell, they even had their fair share of unwise romantic choices as well, but you could always learn from your mistakes.
This one though had gone too far.
Was it the fact that she seemed so plain? The conditions surrounding their wedding? That she probably didn’t even like the same music? That they lived practically like shut-ins? Neither could remain satisfied in this kind of relationship. There may have been cheating involved on either side of the equation, at least there should have been. They probably fought constantly over nothing and there were numerous contingency plans in place for when the divorce did happen. They could suspect anything.
That she featured pictures of her dog online instead of posting a single picture of him? He was an asshole at times, but even he did not deserve to be snubbed in favor of a dog. Maybe that was the final straw.
It was night when they followed the map that Google had provided. An hour here and there, across the city. They joked about the duct tape, and what would happen if he resisted. What if she found out? If it came down to it, could they forcibly remove him from the house?
Upon their arrival they watched from behind a privacy fence. Nothing seemed particularly amiss.
“He can’t be happy here, can he?”
“Of course not.”
“It’s all weird though. I don’t even hear any yelling, what kind of relationship is that?”
A shrug. “We should do it now.”
They stood on the front porch of his house and rang the doorbell.
“Hey, are you going to the show tonight?”
“Yeah, sure.”
Did he even suspect that he had been kidnapped? Not likely.
Let’s keep it that way.

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