Sunday, March 28, 2010

So what did I do this weekend?


I happened to join Cult of the Psychic Fetus' facebook page on Friday morning and saw someone lamenting their recent misfortune about not being able to get a ride to the show. I clicked on their profile because the story was so damn depressing. The guy lived in the same city as me and his name sounded familiar, so the connection was made and I offered some assistance. I told James post facto because I really didn't want to hear him complain, which he still did because that's how he rolls.

After various delays, the evening arrived and I collected Brannon from his apartment, which is actually where our friend Devil Dave used to live.

We got to Amanda's place, talked about he who shall not be named (no, not Voldemort), drank screwdrivers, threw things from the balcony and listened to some music before heading to Outland. Brannon lost his ridiculously huge ring, so we did have to go back to look for that, but did not find it at that time. Here is some of the music we listened to before heading out.

My phone is being resistant to holding a charge so here is the only picture I took on Friday. This is from Only Flesh's show.

I've seen Only Flesh three times now. I really wished they were louder at this show, but there are good things about not having my hearing destroyed.
There were suspensions, and booty-shaking, and their usual fun songs.
Rev took off his man skirt and had really cute underwear and stripey tights on underneath, but... I'm not going to be an asshole here and repeat what we said at the show while intoxicated because I'm not a :P
And I love Only Flesh. I believe they played their songs "Kunt" and "Put my love in you," but my retention skills are lacking.

Anyway listen to their music, they played this song:

After Only Flesh we hung out on the smoking patio until Cult of the Psychic Fetus started.
They were quite good and they like to sing about "making love to the dead." We had, well by proxy through Brannon and his friend Amber, collected more people since being out on the patio. We all danced right in front of the stage and maybe there was some molestering, but stealing the quote from Saturday night, "What happens at Outland, stays at Outland."
Man, that's such a lie.

Anyway, it was quite an awesome night and it went by in a complete blur.

Here are some Youtube videos of Cult of the Psychic Fetus' music.

Some entertaining things I remember from that night include:

Brannon wanting to start a facebook group for some reason and we all said that we'd remember what it was, but for the life of me I can't remember it and I'm not sure if anyone else did either, but it was hilarious.

"Oh, you guys actually have some pigment in that one, don't worry I can edit it out." Brannon after taking a picture

"That's the longest piss I've ever seen.... and I really hope that's their ride, or he's going to be spending the night in jail for pissing on Krogers." Amanda after we dropped off our new friends to wait for their ride.


Amanda found Brannon's ring by the lake.

I forgot my cellphone, and therefor forgot my camera, which is really unfortunate for future blackmailing purposes.
James and I went to Amanda's place to hang out before going to Outland. Then went to the bar where we met up with Gary and Nicolle. Amanda's guest in the Stormtrooper shirt and his two friends would be meeting us there later.

This short guy asked to dance with Amanda. Later he would try to dance with me and asked my name. Okay then... some girl kept watching everyone dance and smiling like we were really shiny. Take that however you'd like.

They played some songs that we requested:

I stumbled on the stage while dancing, which I tried to play off as really hilarious so people would think that I'm drunk instead of just uncoordinated.

On the smoking patio Saturday:
We got to see a card trick by some guy named Remington...or Scott, or Little Joe as we started calling him. Amanda got his number in hopes that he may steal back her captive Foreman Grill from her ex.
Some guys were discussing calling someone an "asshole" versus calling them a "whole ass."

In the torture room we discussed penis and one of Amanda's guests shared the information that he is barely endowed... I guess from his explanation. For future reference, making the guy doing the electro-play laugh can sometimes be (more) painful.

Amanda's guests watched the stripper girls...can't take nerds anywhere. It was as if they had never seen breasts other than their own before.
They proceeded to declare Outland the "Best Bar Ever."

We did an after party at Amanda's house where I babysat and listened to Faderhead.

The chair was thrown from the balcony.
James threw up.
One guy kept randomly passing out everywhere.
And his friend started trying to hump him.
The humping guy then asked if we knew anyone that would blow him and seemed unconcerned whether the person we could provide was male or female. haha, but eventually it gets to the point of "put up, or shut up."
The three drunk guests all tried to hang out in Amanda's bed.
I went on facebook to find someone to chat with while the drunks acted like they were.
Then I brought out the rubber fist to break up a wresting match.
Finally Amanda and her guests played the Wii, and James and I left.
I almost fell asleep on the drive home and had to stop at Speedway to get a snack, where I was followed around by a small dog.

Some quotes:
"What happens at Outland stays at Outland," Amanda to her guests.

"Is this really happening? Am I really here?" one of Amanda's guests passing out on the floor at her place. I think he said that out on the balcony too.

"James, you can't sleep in the car."
"Why not?"
"You can't"
"Don't tell me..."
"We're home, get out of the freaking car! I'm going inside and I will leave you here."


We went to Scrambler Marie's for lunch, which was pretty good. My sister works there too, so we got to annoy her, and her co-workers were astounded that there is 10 years (well, 9 years and 10 months) age difference between us.
In the afternoon I ran some errands, and bought a pink Skelanimals cat for myself.

Watched MST3K: The Final is a song from the show.

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