Monday, March 22, 2010

The Vinyl and Absinthe Anniversary

We have determined that those are the new traditional ways to celebrate the 2nd wedding anniversary. James gave me a bottle of Lucid Absinthe and the Combichrist Heat EP: All Pain is Beat on vinyl (apparently there are a couple more records in the mail, but I haven't been told what they are). I have a feeling that if I leave the Combichrist record next to my Wham "Make it Big" for too long the Wham album will have it's ass kicked by the next time I see it. And what gift did I give him? Well the coat is not even started, but I cleaned and unpacked the rest of our bedroom junk that we hadn't gotten around to unpacking since December. I have to start the coat tomorrow because I think he wants to wear it clubbing this weekend. No pressure, right?

Some wedding pictures.

Sitting by myself, the photographer took a lot more pictures of me than he did of James.

Explaining the tattoos

The music situation was kind of crappy, I asked around and a local DJ tentatively offered to do our wedding, but he ended up having equipment issues. My father in law is actually a DJ for some parties, so we could've probably found the equipment needed, but it would have been annoying. Our friend was supposed to help us out, but I guess he was too stoned or something because he forgot and missed the wedding completely. So we ran the laptop through some good speakers and set a playlist to random. We did have two set songs though.

Our first dance was:

Our last song before leaving on our honeymoon:

Going to watch "Inglorious Basterds" and drink some Lucid. Maybe I'll do more picture editing later on, but taking a break right now.

Update March 25th 2010-
The vinyl part of the anniversary continues. I just received The Sisters of Mercy The Temple of Love Merciful Release 12" on vinyl from 1983. I do find it interesting that its catalog number on the back is MRX027 because 27 is one of those weird things. If not for my good friends who are, more mature, or, maybe refined?-- oh I'll just go the dramatic route-- have spent more years on this Earth than I have, that all good things started in 1983. At least 1983 was when it all started for me.
I guess among those "good things" from the 80's I will not be including the brunt of 80's fashion, and, after viewing the scary neon shoes at Journeys and chatting with one of the guys who works there a couple weeks ago, I'm even more horrified that it's making a come-back apparently.
We will persevere though. I'm going to listen to my new record now.

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