Sunday, March 14, 2010

Please don't lick my crazy

My Saturday Night:

So my original plan was to dress like a stereotypical emo boy for Amanda's St Patty's Day Party, I was also not going to wear any green and let her go ahead and kick me as I sulked about my unluckiness and my feelings of bleakness.
As I did my hair, planning on some massive backcombing and then brushing it forward to cover my eyes, I instead ended up reaching Robert Smith proportions. You just can't flatten a backcombing that tall without angering some pagan god somewhere.
Before Make-up (well before I put on a lot of black eye make-up)

I wore my military trench coat and brought a bottle of NV Absinthe Verte with me as my requisite green items. (Note: NV cheaper, but not as good as Absente) I also have a predominately green tattoo, so I think that should exempt me from any further pinching or kicking at future St Patty's Day events. Not that I don't occasionally enjoy a good pinching, or kicking in the case of my great friends.

Video of On a Boat:

Me as Robert Smith throwing a Christmas Tree from a balcony--

We threw eggs at the tree from the balcony as it floated away, but there's no video of that.
I did text Melanie to bring more eggs, it went like this:

Bring Eggs


the first rule of egg club is you don't talk about egg club

still at the concert for at least 30 mins

Fighting with a rubber fist

Reaching the time of night where we just take cellphone pictures. We went on a outing to the convenience store with sober Gary driving, and attempted to visit a pornography establishment, but they close at midnight because Ohio sucks a little bit.
We returned to the apartment and resorted to playing video games. It was Beatles Rock Band and I had to be the lead singer because I was Robert Smith, and my spouse James is quite horrible at singing even while sober and he's unbearable while drunk. Sorry.
Here I am with one of the New Kids on the Block posters. They are eclipsed by my hair, except for that one guy.

Hello "normal" friend Melanie.
Don't be fooled, she's the original "Bucket list" member. This party also had a bucket, but no one needed it.

Gary and Nicolle--One of these things is more drunk than the other...

Sunday morning:

This is how I woke up, much the same as the previous evening, but add a headache and a sinus-related headache on top of that. Later in the day I developed a shoulder-related pain that can only be explained by my lack of training before tossing the Christmas tree from the balcony.
I took a shower, and I finally discovered my desired emo make-up look. Sorry, for the blurriness and pallor in the 2nd picture, that purple room has harsher lighting.
Just noticed same hand position.
It must be a good one.

Sunday, while being hangover and lacking motivation morning, was also Pi Day, So I made a Pi cake and we fired up the grill for the first time in a long time since we couldn't have it at our old apartments.
I also watched Invader Zim on NickToons with my daughter. Thanks big corporation for cutting back on the asshatery for a tidbit. If only for March, I'm glad that they started showing the awesome mind of Jhonen Vasquez on TV again.

I have editing to do currently, but in parting,
Sometimes my life feels like this:
lady gaga
see more Lol Celebs

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